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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In this post, I will break down all of my favorite products that I use in every closet!

  • Ivory Velvet Hangers - these are a must for every project of mine. I think they elevate the look of any closet AND the velvet material keeps clothes on the hanger, yay!

  • Black Velvet Hangers - velvet hangers are truly a game changer and while I personally prefer the ivory, the black are also a crowd pleaser!

  • Ivory Velvet Hanger Clips - these little clips are my favorite way to hang skirts and pants and they work on any velvet hanger!

  • Black Velvet Hanger Clips - just like the ivory!

  • Gold Display Stand - I LOVE these for clutch purses; they elevate the look of the closet and give your closet a luxe feel.

  • Shelf Dividers - I love these to create separation on shelves when dividing sweaters or jeans!

  • Adjustable Drawer Dividers - These are amazing in any drawer to keep things sorted and in their place!

  • Drawer Organizers - I like these because they are a little bit more structured and offer incredible organization for undies, bras and socks!

    • Here is another option that I like!

  • Clear Closet Bins - these are great for sweaters and handbags!

  • Small Clear Closet Bins - these are great for socks and undies!

  • Rose Gold Velvet Hangers - this chic rose gold hardware will give your closet the extra OOMPH it needs!

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