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How to De-clutter Your Kitchen for Good

Follow these simple steps to de-clutter your kitchen!

1. Go through everything you have and throw away all expired items! You will be AMAZED at how much space this will create. Spices, baking ingredients and snacks take up a ton of space as it is, so it is helpful to de-bulk and get rid of those expired items.

2. Wipe down your shelves, vacuum your drawers and use drawer or shelf liners! You will thank your future self when you make cleaning up possible future spills or leaks a breeze.

3. Take things off of the counters! That precious real estate should be used for meal-prep and cooking, not for storing your son’s snow cone machine. If you have the space, store small appliances in cabinets to keep those counters clean. Clutter-free counters will make you happy, I promise.

4. Use product to help organize your spices, oils and sauces! I love a good Lazy Susan and here is my favorite from Amazon. I use Lazy Susans in almost every project and they are a great way to keep your shelves tidy. I also love these different spice racks, one for a cabinet and one for a drawer. I like to alphabetize spices to make things easy for clients and I think it makes a huge difference when it comes to cooking.

5. Ask for help if you need it! I am always just a message away and would be happy to answer any kind of kitchen question that you may have.

Good luck and happy de-cluttering!



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