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What's in My Tool Kit?

I bring a tool kit to every project that I work on and it's filled with necessities and extras! Here is what's inside...

  1. Goo Gone- love using this to take stubborn labels off of different bins and other product

  2. Extra Labeling Supplies- backup label tape for my label maker, batteries (did you know amazon sells 100 batteries for $27!? score!), chalkboard tape, chalk markers and sticky notes

  3. Actual Tool Kit- my pink tool kit includes screw drivers, measuring tape, hammer and nails, my power drill

  4. Extra Trash Bags- always like to be prepared in case the client runs out!

  5. Command Strips/Hooks- love these to be able to hang things without drilling holes in the wall!

In addition, I always ask clients to leave out a few simple cleaning products if they can, things such as Swiffer dusters, papertowels and Windex and a small vacuum so I can clean and dust shelves, drawers and cabinets! I also ask for trash bags so trash and donations can be separated!

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